Welcome to the Raidenoff WikiEdit

This wiki serves as a guide to the world of Raidenoff and its history. The current year is 600, by the Dorian calendar. If you're looking for a place to start reading about Raidenoff, consider checking out the 1st Century DR.

The word "Raidenoff" is an Alareanization of a Scenfai word meaning "favored child of the sun." (raide, sun; noph, favored child). "Raidenoff" is believed to have been coined by Furnician Grand Monsignor Ulem II in the twenty-first century BT.

Raidenoff map

The original map of Raidenoff.

Fun facts that don't fit anywhere else: The structure of Scenfai and Trestofian names is as follows: [Family name] [Father's name]-[Personal name]. As an example, take the name Zakhenash Azat-Umid. Umid is the given name, and is how he would be referred to; Azat was Umid's father, and Zakhenash is the family name.

Elaine is a natively Pierrogic name, although it became popular in Tristania after the accomplishments of Queen Elaine III of Pierroge became famous.

The first Chamberlain of the Pierrogic  parliament was Ambrose Burque, one of the rebel leaders from the 401 Craugne revolt.

Latest activityEdit

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